Types of Retreats

Retreats can be self-directed or directed by others and range from a silent afternoon to a week-long structured setting. Take a look at the numerous kinds of retreats you can experience at Saint Joseph’s Valley Farm.



  • Directed — meet with a spiritual director for guidance once during the retreat or once a day (depending on length of retreat)
  • Self-directed — go at your own pace, bring spiritual reading, and let God guide you


  • Same as silent self-directed retreat but completely secluded, like a “cabin in the woods,” offering you the space to explore your inner map with God

Small Group

  • For 6-8 people conducted by a director (either offered by Saint Joseph’s Valley Farm or brought by the group)

Days of Reflection

  • Come for an afternoon, bring a sandwich and some spiritual reading
  • Can be directed or self-directed, alone or in a large group in the Barn House


  • Silent retreat according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola (see our calendar for dates)
    • 30-day
    • 8-day

Taize Prayer and Healing

  • An evening of music, prayer, and healing held on the lawn at the farm usually in the spring, summer, and autumn
  • Originated in France for people of all faiths to come together and share their faith through song, prayer, and spiritual readings


  • Couples retreats
  • Pre-baby, post-baby retreats
  • Child birth education retreats