In today’s fast-paced, over stimulating world there’s no time to find God within. Work, deadlines, social media, constant interruptions all can distract us from setting aside quiet time to encounter God. Spiritual retreats give you that time.

We like to call retreats a vacation with the Lord. It’s a necessary time to relax, silence yourself, enjoy nature and find God’s peace within. And it’s our mission at Saint Joseph’s Valley Farm to afford guests the space to have that encounter with God.

Why go on a spiritual retreat?

God has a lot to talk about with us but we often don’t make the time to listen to Him. Just like spending time getting to know and grow closer to your spouse or a friend, it’s necessary to do so with God. Even if you have hesitations about going on a retreat, you’re giving God the opportunity to let Him meet you. When we disconnect from the stresses and demands of life we get back to the heart of what truly matters in our lives.

Saint Joseph’s Valley Farm offers many opportunities for spiritual retreats. Consider a retreat for yourself to be renewed and find God.

What to expect

  • To sleep and daydream — wake up to watch the sunrise over the mountains or sleep till noon
  • Quite and stillness around you
  • To be relaxed
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Some uneasiness — when alone before God, you might find yourself humbled and at a loss for words
  • To experience peace and renewal